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Beware of "point & click" internet services that promise you
the low group cost or affordable benefits plans but don't tell
you where they are located, or don't bother to understand
your needs or to explain the pros and cons of various options.

endeavor group, we are real people, licensed agents who
you can  contact by phone, fax, or email at any time for an
appointment to review your company's benefits plan and
budget.  We will help you in any way possible.
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Today there is plenty of talk and debate in Congress about
helping small businesses and nonprofits form associations for
affordable health care for their employees.
Why wait?  
We are licensed in almost every state and our agents can help
you find the best plans for your small business or association
Right NOW!
We are the Group Benefits Pros, and can help your company
or nonprofit save money
If Congress some day passes something better that will
save our clients money and that protects their
employees health,
Endeavor Group will be among the
first to offer it.