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Some questions regarding our security site' include ...

Why isn't the entire site of endeavorgroup.net
under a secure server?

Because it is NOT necessary to do so.  endeavor group
offers a shopping comparison and a link to a quote
engine only, and endeavorgroup.net will, where
available,  for the insurance and non-insurance
companies that we we represent, provide you with a
convenient  link  to their web sites where they may
allow you to pay online in a secure transaction.  At no
time is payment directly made to endeavor group.  We
are paid by the companies we represent.

I have been told "No lock, don't shop". Why
don't I see the "lock?"

The "No lock, don't shop" is a great slogan and
endeavorgroup.net encourages its use. However, it is
a bit misleading when it comes to shopping for
insurance.  Some guaranteed issue and  non-insurance
products represented by endeavor group and available
for purchase via internet.  With these products, AT

There you will fill out your billing information and
credit card number under the guarded security of the
insurance company's SSL secure server.  However,
these transactions are between you and the company
web sites that you visit, and are governed by the
policies and terms of use of those sites.

Any further questions concerning our security
features should be directed to
[email protected]

Understanding shopping for insurance.
During normal browsing and comparison of  
insurance policies and companies, security is NOT
required. Only during payment with those insurance
companies that offer online payment of this is
security needed, and this can be accomplished by
check and only .  

"Guaranteed" vs. "Non-Guaranteed" issue
Each company represented by endeavor group has its
own set of rules and regulations regarding their
insurance products, and online payment for
consideration of application and advanced premium,
and very few of the insurance products are
"guaranteed issue" policies. These  requires you to
complete a lengthy application , and provide detailed
information regarding the age, health,  and  location
of your employees, family, and yourself before
determining if they will insure you and the monthly
premium that they are willing to  insure you.

Applying for an insurance policy that is not
"guaranteed issue" is not a contract until the
applicant has completed the application and honestly
answered all questions, until the applicant has given
consideration, usually in the form of advanced
payment for the first premium and an application fee,
and until the insurance company has agreed to insure
the applicant.

"Underwriting" and "Conditional Issue"
An insurance company, upon investigation of the
health, age, and location (underwriting) of the
applicant,  may determine that certain "pre-existing
conditions" of the applicant will not be covered by the
insurance policy, either permanently or for a  period
of time.  An insurance company may also determine
through the undewriting process that it will insure
the applicant but at a higher premium than the
applicant had agreed at the time of application.  In
both cases, state and federal laws dictate the rights of
both the applicant and the insurance company, but
basically, there is no insurance "contract" until both
the insurance company and the applicant has agreed
to the terms.

An insurance company may, however, agree to
"conditionally issue" an insurance policy prior to
underwriting, if the applicant has properly and
accurately completed the application and given the
insurance company "consideration" in the form of the
application fee and premium payment, beginning as
of the date the applicant requests on the application.  

"Conditional issues" are again guided by federal and
state law, and the terms are indicated in the
application completed and agreed to by the applicant,  
but again,  the insurance company  reserves the right
to charge a higher premium or to not cover certain
conditions as a result of the underwriting process or
to not insure the applicant at all.  The insurance
company may agree to insure the applicant as of the
date requested on the application, if the applicant
agrees to accept the insurance company's amended
terms.  Since this process may take longer than the
original date of insurance requested by the applicant,  
the applicant agrees when signing the application that
they understand that they may be covered as of the
date they request on the application, but they may be
required to pay a higher premium or not be covered
for certain conditions, or they may not be accepted by
the insurance company for insurance at all.

He/She Who Hesitates...
Even though applicants sign that they understand all
of this during the application process, endeavor group
feels compelled to reinforce this point.  In some cases,
it  may take an insurance company months or weeks
to underwrite a policy, during which time an
applicant's existing insurance may expire.  endeavor
group's strongest recommendation is that you do not
wait until the last moment to apply for insurance.  

Give yourself plenty of time before your existing
policy expires to shop around, determine your needs
and budget, to apply, to allow the insurance
companies the time that they need to underwrite your

Give yourself plenty of time and  backup alternatives.  
 This site was designed to give you, the applicant, a
convenient way to shop, compare, and apply to many
different types of insurance from many excellent
insurance companies.  endeavor group is ready and
able to help you all along the way with this process
and answer your questions.  But don't shortchange
yourself, your family, or your employees by cutting
the time you need to study, apply and for the
insurance companies to underwrite your application.

You, your family, and your employees may be
required to sign a form, called a HIPAA form. This
HIPAA form is your agreement that the insurance
company may directly or through third parties
investigate the healthiness of those  applying for
insurance so that the insurance company can
determine whether it should agree to insure the
applicants, and at what premium.  

More Information and Legal Stuff
For more information about your rights regarding
insurance products, contact your state department of

In Texas, the home state of endeavor group, the link
to the state department of insurance is :

You will find links to other states and Federal
insurance sites from the above link.
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