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DFWHealthConnection is a voluntary  endeavor to help
the working unemployed in the Dallas/Fort Worth

DFWHealthConnection.org's mission is to give practical
suggestions on how to protect and care for your family’s
health needs as part of  career management, and during
job transition.      

DFWHealthConnection.org conducts a number of
workshops and seminars around DFW to give  advice and
answers to individuals and families.  The topics include
how and where working unemployed individuals can find
health care of a low/no cost nature.

For a calendar of  workshop and seminar events, a
typical agenda, information about endeavor group, and
a list of important and helpful healthcare and job
networking links, please click on the toolbar on the left.  

DFWHealthConnection.org is a voluntary outreach of the
principals of endeavor group, a professional services
company headquartered in Dallas Fort Worth.

DFWHealthConnection is a totally nonprofit effort of
state licensed health insurance professionals.  They have
given of their time and resources to assist the working
unemployed in the community with advice about where
they can go in their community to get low/no cost health
services for their family, and where they can have  a
place to go to have their questions answered regarding  
topics such as health insurance and COBRA.  See the links
to the  workshop schedule and agenda for more

DFWHealthConnection was founded by Mike Chapman, a
community leader and active volunteer in
CareerConnection, the largest career networking
organization in Dallas Fort Worth.  
DFWHealthConnection is intended to serve as a model
organization for other health insurance agents in other
communities around the country who are seriously
interested in giving back to their communities by pro
bono  assisting individuals with what they know.

Mike Chapman is a licensed independent insurance agent
who founded DFWHealthConnection as a way to give
back to the community in a non-solicitation way.  
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